I was recently on Fox 8 New Day Cleveland where I showcased my Rebots. It was a fun segment filled with some very curious questions by David!  If you have a few minutes copy the link into your browser and take a peek.


Second Place overall this summer at Cain Park 2023


I was recently interviewed while at Cain Park 2021. High light the link below, right click to open it in a new tab to view the segment. I promise you won't be disappointed.


This past weekend I was interviewed while at Cain Park for the Columbus news. Copy and paste the link below into your browser to watch the fun video!


Peter made the cover!!!

This fall I was interviewed and featured as one of 50 other artists in the Ohio Magazine's December issue. This issue focused on holiday gift ideas.  Inside the article featured 3 of my Rebots and briefly described my love for the art of making these Rebots and how I got started.