About Me

Kendra Wood Art is the name I've given to identify myself and my little Rebots. They are made from vintage tins and found items.

Creating these Rebots allow me to use my imagination and have fun when planning which item will look best with another item. I've always enjoyed flea markets and this is an amazing and almost selfish outlet for that activity. I never know what I'll find. Sometimes I see something that is truly amazing but I have no idea what I'll do with it! Found items often sit in my studio for months until I find just the right piece to compliment them.

Initially I was inspired by my love for the 80's film 'Short Circuit'. But then I realized that by creating art by recycling these vintage tins, I was able to preserve a memory and a piece of nostalgia for years to come. These tins will continue to live on now for many years.

Creating is relaxing and brings me to a peaceful place.